Isaac Alfie

Ex Senador de la República Ex Ministro de Economía

“Las reformas imprescindibles. Un repaso de la agenda a encarar.”


Name: Isaac Alfie
Born: April, 27th 1962
Marital Status: Married
Children: Carolina, Diego
Formal Education: Economist & CPA, both Master level. Universidad de la República Oriental del Uruguay, Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Administración. (University of the Republic, Economy and Administration Science Faculty).
Member of: Economy National Academy and Former President of Finance and Economy Affairs Committee (Colorado Party – Uruguay)


Spanish: Mother Language
English: Reading, understanding & speaking.
Portuguese: Reading, understanding & speaking.
Italian: Reading & understanding.

Other skills: Computer Literate

Actual Position: Independent Consultant in Economy, Finance and Public Policies. Financial firm advisor.

Experience: I´ve been working for 28 years in these fields


Professional background

Private sector

He worked as Board & CEO companies advisor, mainly in economic and finance fields, project evaluation, options, debt and financing policy design. He also worked as CFO.

Actually works as financial and economic consultant.

He has worked as IMF, IADB, World Bank, World Health Organization and Pan-American Health Organization consultant.

He also worked in Argentina for the Unión Industrial and IERAL economics studies foundation.

Public sector

2005 – 2010:
Senator of the Republic
2nd Vice - President of the General Assembly. Congress of the Republic of Uruguay
President of Senate Finance Committee (2009)
Vice – President of Senate Finance Committee (2008)
President of Energy, Telecommunications, Mining and Industry Senate Committee (2008)
President of Health Senate Committee (2007)
Vice – President of Senate Social Security and Labor Affairs Committee (2007)
Member of the special anti - laundering money and assets Senate Committee

2003 - 2005:
Economy and Finance Minister. República Oriental del Uruguay.

2002 - 2005:
Governor (in some cases Vice – Governor) at IMF, IADB and World Bank

July 2002 - May 2003:
Chief Economist of debt and banking crisis exit programs. In charged of negotiation and program design.

1998 – 2002:
Alternative Governor at IADB & World Bank

1993 - 2003:
Chairman of the Macroeconomic & Financial advisory, at the Ministry of Economy and Finance. (Senior chief Economist along three different governments).

Appointed as Coordinator of the governments’ financial programme.

Hired by the Ministry of Economy and Finance as Senior Economist.

1988 – 1990:
Senior Economist at the Budget and Planning Secretary, (Republic Presidency).

1986 – 1987:
Junior Economist at the Budget and Planning Secretary, (Republic Presidency).


He has participated in almost every government policies and actions in many different areas such as income policy, social security system reform, public banks restructuring, fiscal and tax policies between 1992 - 2005. He also wrote many laws and by-laws in these areas.

He was in charge of the design and surveillance of the government financial programme along three consecutive administrations. At the same time, was technical leader in every debt negotiation, sovereign bond issues and Multilateral programs. He also was in charge on country-to-country negotiation for assistance and innovation debt to equity or education programs, with Spain, Italy and France government.

He was who lead the technical team in the exit of the financial crisis (2002), as well as leaded and participated in the debt exchange process, (consultation process, negotiation and proposal).

He was distinguished as the best Minister of Finance in Latin America 2004, by Emerging Market (Euromoney group) Magazine.

Teachers Background

Economy and Public Finances Professor. University of Montevideo, Economic and Administration Science Faculty.
2005 - 2011:
Public Expenditure and taxes effects. Professor. Catholic University Dámaso Antonio Larrañaga.
Senior Professor Economy II (basic macroeconomics) and Advanced Macroeconomics. Republic´s University.  Economic and Administration Science Faculty.
1994 - 1996:
Professor Public Sector Economy. Master in Finance Ideas Institute, (certificate issued by Belgrano University of Buenos Aires).
1991 - 1994:
Junior Professor Economy II (basic macroeconomics) and Advanced Macroeconomics. Republic´s University. Economic and Administration Science Faculty.  
1991 - 1992:
Statistics course manager at ORT Montevideo University.
1988 - 1990:
Course assistant Economy II (basic macroeconomics) Republic´s University. Economic and Administration Science Faculty.
1985 - 1987:
Course assistant, Financial and Actuarial Maths. Republic´s University. Economic and Administration science Faculty.
1985 – 1987:
Course assistant, Statistics. Republic´s University, Economic and Administration Science Faculty.


He took many specialization courses, both inside and outside the country. Among others:

  • Advanced Financial Programming course. IMF July 1999.
  • Decentralization challenge and Tax Policy (CEPAL - Brasilia 1999)
  • Public Expenditure Management (IMF November 1992)

He attended several courses and seminars, inside and outside the country, either by their own or on behalf the country.

He represented his country many times facing International Institutions, especially Multilateral Credit Institutions and International Banks. 

He published several papers and articles.

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